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Engage patients in their care through a mobile application
Country: switzerland
Website: Concerto
Contact Person: Helena Bornet dit Vorgeat




The benefits of patient engagement in their care are becoming increasingly recognized and digital technologies have significant potential to foster it.

The Concerto mobile application, prototyped during a hackathon, has been cocreated by caregivers, developers and patients using an agile development methodology, based on user needs. It uses the information in the hospital information system to provide the patient with a real-time updated care schedule, adapted medical and practical information, a presentation from the health care team and a patient-care interaction preparation tool. caregiver.

The project continues to improve on the basis of continuous evaluation and integration of new modules, such as the choice of menu among the proposed dishes, the report of adverse drug reactions, self-evaluation and patient reporting. his level of pain and valuing interactions with caregivers.

The Concerto application responds to a desire to support the patient to become an actor in his care, and to use technology for the benefit of human interactions.





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