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An educational online platform for responsible use of medicines in hospitals of developing countries
Country: switzerland
Website: Pharm-Ed
Contact Person: Sandrine Von Grunigen


In hospitals, qualified pharmaceutical personnel and specific knowledge are essential to ensure the efficient, safe and rational management of medicines. In many countries with limited resources, however, there are major difficulties both in terms of access to specialized training in the field of hospital pharmacy and in the organization of hospital pharmacy services.

Pharm-Ed is a free educational platform. The online self-learning, focus groups, resources and practical tools provided are intended to foster the development of hospital pharmacy activities and the gradual and continuous improvement of drug use in resource-limited countries.

At the time of "Web 2.0", the Pharm-Ed community makes it possible to connect hospital pharmaceutical professionals from different countries and to facilitate the exchange of information, the sharing of experience as well as the national or international collaboration so to change pharmaceutical benefits in healthcare institutions.

Through the development of specific skills of pharmaceutical professionals and their networking, Pharm-Ed wants to be a contributor to the optimization of the quality of drug therapy in hospitals, in a global vision to improve the quality of care and patient safety.


Organization   University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG)
Collaboration   University of Geneva



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