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Without borders shared information of ultrasound
Country: belgium
Website: dDopp
Contact Person: Marc H. Van Anderlecht




The dDopp design is based on our client African field experience, it ensures a maximum lifetime without any compromise on quality.


  • Ruggedized, countersink in a single block of aluminum.
  • Dustproof.
  • Lightweight, 1.8 kg
  • Plugged-in, 100-240 V 50-60Hz.Or Li-Polymer battery with up to one day of exams/each.
  • Battery rechargeable in 12 volts cigar lighter socket.
  • 5 different probes, detachable, with “hot-swap” capabilities.
  • With as many free software installation you want, so you can share the use of the device with different users (Dr., Dpt, ..) or share on different location (hospital, private practice, field…).
  • As computer based device it can easily be used to record, store, review, share and transmit images for second reading, cine-loops, reports and so on… and even for training .
  • Designed to ensure extended lifetime: battery separated, display on any Windows computer…

It gives you also continuity of use, even if there is a network stall without starting a generator for it, economic and in perfect mobility.

The dDopp is intended for general use, however, the main use is the mother / child follow-up on site.




Other Website:


Level of development:
  • Marketed with well-documented field experience


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