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Improving primary care for children younger than 5 years
Country: switzerland
Website: MSFeCARE
Contact Person: Clotilde Rambaud-Althaus



Our vision is to bring expert advice into the hands of less trained staff during consultations in order to improve the quality of care and optimize medical prescriptions.

MSFeCARE (Electronic Clinical Algorithm and REcommendation) is designed for use by health professionals at primary care level in remote areas, to treat acute illnesses in children aged 2 months to 5 years.

An electronic version of clinical pathways was developed to provide clinicians with experts’ recommendations and standardized procedures delivered through mobile technology. The MSFeCARE algorithm guides the health workers through a structured clinical assessment, based on the child’s signs, symptoms, and simple point-of-care diagnostic tests, and proposes diagnosis and treatment based on this assessment. This improvement in diagnostic procedures helps clinicians to better target their prescription of antimicrobials and thus decrease their over-prescription which has been driving the rapid spread of resistance.

Deployed in 5 countries, MSFeCARE was easily adopted by end-point users and led to an in important decrease in antibiotic prescriptions where implemented. Both a clinical decision support system and a data collection tool, MSFeCARE has enormous potential to improve and monitor the quality of care delivered to children in remote MSF settings.


Organization   Médecins Sans Frontières



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