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Web and Mobile Application for Collecting and Monitoring Vaccine Data
Country: cote-d-ivoire
Website: OPISMS
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The Electronic Vaccination Logbook service allows any member to view his Vaccination Book online in case of loss or control at the borders or airport, and justify the vaccinations carried out or request the issue of a duplicate. ( new physical vaccination card).

In addition, in case of epidemics or recommendations of the Heath authorities, information is conveyed by SMS via mobile or email.

Automatic reminder of Vaccine Appointment dates by SMS text and voice call. Safeguarding and perpetuating individual vaccine information so that it can be returned faithfully in case of loss of the physical immunization record.

The possibility-you had to consult online your Vaccination Book and edit your profile. The production of statistics to help the decision and to identify areas of darkness on the territory and consider palliative measures.

The service, it counts to date more than 700 000 subscribers, followed in the Antennas of the National Institute of Public Hygiene and more than 165 health centers across the country in the framework of an agreement with the Ministry of the Health and public hygiene. 





    Level of development:
    • Marketed but with little documented field experience


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