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Self-evaluation of adverse effects, resources and needs for patients facing breast cancer
Country: switzerland
Website: Logbook
Contact Person: Angela Grezet



Built with patients for patients: an e-prototype of the Logbook© for managing and recovering quality of life

The Impact print enables to evaluate the impact of a disease, a symptom or an adverse effect of a treatment on the patient’s life.
All throughout disease, the print allows self-evaluation as well as an assessment by the care team of the incidence of a disease-related symptom (pain, fatigue, lack of concentration, etc.) or situation on all spheres of patient’s life.

Similarly built, a Star of resources helps to identify the resources the person feels she has to deal with disease, related symptoms or adverse effects.

By overlaying the Star and the Impact print, one can easily see how these resources may or not compensate the burden of disease and treatments.

In the event of difficulties and little or no resources to cope with, an assessment through the

e-tool helps the patient to visualize quite instantaneously the help needed. Thus, he or she will be stimulated to look for adequate help. Caregivers may also use this tool to address required support.


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