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Ozone sterilizer for medical instruments
Country: switzerland
Website: SteriLux
Contact Person: Marc Spaltenstein




Economical, power independent, ecological, low temperature, transportable and secure.

SteriLux developed the first sterilizer that is perfectly suited for hospitals in low-income countries where electricity and clean water are often lacking. The technology used involve the generation of ozone thanks to UV radiations.

Compared to traditional autoclaving techniques the water consumption is reduced by a factor 1,000 and the energy used by a factor 50. In addition to be completely autonomous, also heat-sensitive instruments can be sterilized at a running cost per sterilization cycle below 1 USD.

This sterilizer is transportable (20 kg) and can sterilize up to 100 large medical sets (60x30x10cm) per day.




Level of development:
  • Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use


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