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A virtual pharmacie to train the Bachelor students in nursing
Country: switzerland
Website: Admed
Contact Person: Brigitte Chatelain


Admed is a self-learning software featuring a virtual pharmacy for the purpose of facilitating the learning of drug administration and drug dosing calculations through artificial and interactive situations.
It is the result of a collaboration between the Nursing Department of Heds-Geneva and Cyberlearn, the e-learning center of the HES-SO.

Target audience: nursing students in Bachelor training and continuing education professionals

The issue of drug administration affects all students and professionals facing professional representation and mathematical difficulties. This public is directly concerned by the increased risk of errors in drug administration.

Thus, to answer this problem in the training, a self-learning software tool, simulating a pharmacy of a hospital service, is created in order to facilitate the learning of the calculations of drug dosages through interactive situations. It makes it possible to make the various steps of the administration of the drugs more realistic, of the prescription to the preparation of the material, by carrying out the various manipulations necessary to the medicinal preparations in situation of simulation, by choosing the material adapted to the prescription, by calculating dilutions, concentrations, flow rates, by comparing the various steps performed and the congruence of the results obtained. It can be adapted to situations of varying complexities and varied professional specificities. Its playful and realistic side is appreciated by the users.

It is regularly adapted, completed and updated.


Organization   Haute école de santé genève (HEDS)



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