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Fem Friendly

Creating more female friendly environments
Country: switzerland
Website: Fem Friendly
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The project, Fem.Friendly, addresses the issue of menstrual hygiene and the importance for women and girls to have adequate facilities to manage their menstruation properly, hence creating more female friendly environments. Fem.Friendly uses crowdsourcing to mobilize women to collect data by not only mapping the sanitary facilities they have access to, but also rating their appropriateness in regards to managing their menstruation. Additionally, Fem.Friendly acts as a brand by certifying the facilities most highly rated by the community. By standardizing a Fem.Friendly certification, the hope is that businesses will actively work towards improving their facilities and by doing so, mobilize additional actors to follow.

The wider objective of the project is to raise awareness on the importance of having adequate facilities for girls and women to manage their menstruation safely and with dignity.


Level of development:
  • Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use


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