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Authenticity and traceability of medicines in developing countries
Country: france
Website: Meditect
Contact Person: Arnaud Pourredon




Each year, one million people in the world die because they consume counterfeit medicines.
Meditect secure medicines exported to developing countries thanks to a decentralized technology.
Meditect agregates on a decentralized database (blockchain) serialized medicines. We allow instant verification for patients and health professionals and get the most trustable information thanks to the blockchain technology.




Level of development:
  • Marketed but with little documented field experience



A first pilot project has been done in summer 2018 in Burkina Faso. We had an iterative approach with patients and health professionals. We launched a second and bigger pilot project in 2019 with a French major pharmaceutical company in Ivory Coast.
A review is available on http://meditect.com


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