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The Confidence Socket

Revolutionizing Prosthetics
Country: germany
Website: Amparo
Contact Person: George Knight




As part of a university project, Amparo's founding team discovered that 90% of the 20 million amputees worldwide do not have access to modern prosthetics. The reasons behind this inaccessibility are many, but they largely stem from lack of awareness to solutions, lack of finances and lack of trained professionals to address their needs.

Furthermore, a recent amputee's limb changes in volume considerably over the course of the first 6 months, meaning that even if they manage to acquire access to modern prosthesis, the device can become very uncomfortable for its wearer and they would need a new prosthetic socket.

Enter: The Confidence Socket – DIREKT. REMOLDABLE. MOBILE.

Amparo’s below-knee socket is a revolution in prosthetic technology: it combines unique features, allowing the fastest and easiest installation possible.

Unlike conventional prosthetic sockets, the Confidence socket can be remoulded up to 10 times directly onto the residual limb of an amputee anywhere with an electrical outlet and the whole process is complete in just one session. These three USPs eliminate the barriers of accessing modern prosthetics for many amputees in developing countries. It's not just our slogan, Amparo really is revolutionizing prosthetics.






Level of development:
  • Marketed but with little documented field experience


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'Confidence Socket Fitting'



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