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Keheala is a digital health platform that improves health access and treatment outcomes
Country: kenya
Website: Keheala
Contact Person: Patrick Wanyoko




Keheala is a Healthcare infrastructure and behavioural expertise for addressing the non-medical drivers of disease that exist outside of clinical settings. This include but not limited to stigma, lack of information and support. With evidence-based data, we are able to manage and treat tuberculosis patients who would otherwise fall out of treatment. This is is through normal mobile phones which eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure development making our technology easy to adopt in low resource settings.

Keheala’s innovative approach to Tuberculosis (TB) care improves on the standard TB model that was developed decades ago. Its program design incorporates the latest research and best practices for health behaviour modification. Front-line providers in Kenya reported that Keheala made it easier to support patients and increased their patients’ adherence to treatment. One-hundred percent(100%) of the participating clinicians reported wanting a family member or friend enrolled into Keheala if they had TB.






Level of development:
  • Marketed with well-documented field experience


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