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Health Data System for Refugees

Empowering refugee patients and providers with health data and analytics
Country: USA
Contact Person: Hassaan Ebrahim




We are creating the first integrated health data system customized for healthcare providers operating in humanitarian crises.

Our system uniquely features automatic and customizable online-offline sync, motivated by the lack of consistent internet access in our care settings. Another feature we have created is a bilingual data stream with text input in English and Arabic. Finally, in response to the limited time available for data entry, we are implementing a ten-touch system whereby a physician has to click ten or fewer times to create a clinical record.

Furthermore, we are uniquely situated to create and leverage one of the largest health data sets in the world by capturing new data from a population in the millions. We will use the aggregated data to render patient-specific predictive models to support clinical decisions.

Integrating this valuable clinical tool directly into the health data system will make us the first-in-class as an open source EHR system. We are also committed to empowering refugee patients with their health records directly with a patient-facing mobile app that we are currently developing. Our software will enable them to manage their chronic illnesses, with constant access to their medical history and their communications with caregivers.




Level of development:
  • Marketed but with little documented field experience


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