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BornFyne Mobile Application

Connects pregnant women to their health providers especially during emergency
Country: canada
Website: Born Fyne
Contact Person: Miriam Nkangu




BornFyne: is a locally branded name in Cameroon which means safe delivery. BornFyne is a mobile phone application built within the framework of the three delays model to help address the delays attributed to reproductive maternal and newborn child health and to reduce maternal mortality specifically in Cameroon and similar settings, regions, or context.

The BornFyne mobile application platform has a user interface and a web-based system called the prenatal management system (PNMS). This connects pregnant women to their doctors through the online web-based interface PNMS.

The goal of the user interface is to address literacy gap by using graphics to communicate and connect user with their health care providers. The goal of the web-based platform called- the PNMS in not only to maintain a two-way communication by connecting women through the user interphase, but also, to have patient records saved and stored within the system to improve on quality of care and continuity of care by transforming maternal health services from paper based to electronic based medical records. And using geographic information system during emergencies.

The user interface has six graphical icons which represent Pain, antenatal, emergency, family planning, medical advice to ease communication amongst non-literate group.




Level of development:
  • Marketed but with little documented field experience


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